Buying Tips for Steel Bars

Steel Rods

Steel bars or rods are an integral part of a home. Either it is foundation or roof, columns or beams, steel bars are used to provide strength. Therefore, it becomes very important for us whether we are purchasing the right Steel bar or not. Here we have listed some easy physical checks which will help you to choose the right steel bar for your dream home.

  1. Steel bars to be used should be ISI marked and should be of a reputed company.
  2. The steel bars should be cleanly rolled to the dimensions and sections. The bars should be reasonably free from surface flaws, laminations, rough and imperfect edges and all other harmful defects.
  3. The bar should also be free from loose Mill scale, loose rust, paints, grease and oil coating etc.
  4. The weight of steel bars should be as per their standard weight. To ensure it, take a piece of the rod (preferably 1 metre long or more) and take its weight. Then divide this weight with its length and you will get its weight per metre length and now check whether it is as per to its standard weight or not. Check Standard Weight of Steel bars
  5. If you bend the bar, no cracks should develop on its surface.
  6. Since it is not possible for a common man to get the chemical tests done for Steel bars, but you should ask the dealer/retailer to provide the Manufacturer’s test certificate and correlate the Batch No. of the lot, of which, the Steel bar is being bought.

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