Buying Tips for Stone Chips

Stone chips

In technical terms Stone chips is also known as Coarse Aggregate. It is an integral element of concrete. It provides volume to the concrete and reduces shrinkage. Therefore it becomes significantly important to use right quality of coarse aggregate in right quantity. The following factors may be followed in selection of appropriate stone chips for construction of your home.

1)    The Coarse aggregate should be angular as it gives good interlocking effect. Flat, elongated or flaxy particles should be avoided.Stone chips

2)    It should be clean, uncoated and properly shaped particles of strong, dense, durable mineral and rock materials.

3)    It should not contain any deleterious materials like, Iron pyrites, Coal, Mica, Shale, Clay, Alkali etc.

4)    The surface of the stone chips should be rough, regular and crystalline.

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