Decorate your kitchen to make it beautiful

Beautiful Kitchen

Kitchen is the place where most of the housewives spent their maximum time. Hence it is the most loving part inside a house for them. Here we have listed some simple tips to decorate and organise your kitchen to make it more beautiful.

  1. Due to space constraints Kitchens are made small in size. Due to this it becomes very difficult to organize utensils, spices and other kitchen utilities. But still we can manage them by creating different sections for different things. It will make cooking easy especially for the housewives.
  2. Create overhead cabinets and drawers below the cooking counter or slab for each item. It will not only help to organise things but also enhance the interiors of the kitchen.
  3. One part of the wall should be provided with racks for storage of bulk ration or grocery items.
  4. Place utensils at different places depending upon their use. For example keep daily use utensils near the dishwashing area and baking utensils near microwave or oven.
  5. The height of the cooking slab should be the waist height of the person who will be cooking most of the times.
  6. Provide wall tiles along the cooking slab atleast upto lintel. Light shades of yellow, orange or chocolate brown may light up the interiors of kitchen.
  7. If you are not installing a chimney then use an exhaust fan on the wall just above the gas stove. It will help you to keep the wall and ceiling of the kitchen less dirty due to smoke.
  8. If your kitchen is big enough to accommodate a fridge, then place the fridge in such a place that stove, sink and fridge make a triangle, as these three are mostly used inside a kitchen.
  9. In case you are using wall mounted water purifiers, then mount it over the sink so that any spill out water can get drained off easily.
  10. During organising the things, care should be given that access to and inside kitchen is not obstructed.
  11. Dustbin should be kept under the dishwashing zone hiding under the bottom cabinets.

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