Doors and Windows

Door is an opening which serves as a connecting link between various internal parts in a home. Whereas Window is an opening which is provided for light and ventilation to the interior of the home. Doors and Windows consist of a frame work of timber, steel, glass or combination of these materials. Nowadays UPVC doors are also gaining popularity.


Location of doors and windows in a room has very large impact in the effective utilisation of the room. Although location of doors and windows are determined by an Architect keeping in view so many considerations, still following general rules should be observed.

  • Doors should be as far as possible be located at or near the corner of the room.
  • Doors and windows should be located in such a way as to cause least disturbance to the internal decoration and privacy both.
  • Doors and windows should be so located that no dark corner is left in the room and light and ventilation are evenly distributed.


  1. Height: In India, general height of the people is generally less than 2m, hence door height of 2m is considered most suitable. However, in no case the height of the door should be less than 1.80m. Whereas height of window is generally kept nearly 1.10m to 1.20m. The bottom (sill level) of the window is kept between 0.80m to 0.90m above the floor level. The top of window is always kept at level with the top of the door of the room.
  2. Width: Width of the door is fixed on the basis of largest size of object likely to pass through the door. Hence width of the door varies from0. 75m to 1.20m. While width of the window is kept between 0.90m to 1.80m. However, sometimes, very narrow but long windows satisfying the area requirement are also adopted as per local trends.


Every room, however small it may be, should have at least one door. But it is preferable if two doors are provided in a room. Actually number of doors in a particular room depends on the location of the room in the house and also link of the room which owner desires with the other rooms.

As regards windows, there is no hard and fast rule for number. Actually building bye-laws have recommended certain percentage of area to be provided in form of windows in relation to the floor area of the room. The recommended area for windows may be provided in the form of only one window or more than one window. As per the bye-laws, area of windows should be minimum 15% of the floor area of the room. It is preferable if it is kept about 20%. From light consideration, area covered by glass panels in a window should be at least 10% of the floor area of the room.

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