Maintain safe distance from Electric Supply Lines

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While selecting plots it is advised that to avoid those plots which are very near to the electric supply lines, like high voltage lines passing over the plot or lines passing through the boundaries of the plot. But if still you don’t have any option to avoid and you have to construct your home, then in such conditions you should consider the guidelines laid down by Indian Electricity Rules which is amended time to time.

As per current Indian Electricity Rules, any structure should be constructed keeping a safe distance from the nearby passing electric supply lines. If the structure is having extended parts like Verandah, Balcony etc. then the safe distance should be measured from it. The details of the safe distance to be maintained are furnished below.

Sl. No. Type of Electric Supply Line Vertical Distance Horizontal Distance
1) Low and medium voltage lines and service lines 2.5m 1.2m
2) High voltage lines up to and including 11 000 V 3.7m 1.2m
3) High voltage lines above 11 000 V and up to and including 33 000 V 3.7m 2.0m
4) Extra high voltage line beyond 33 000 V 3.7m

(plus 0.3 m for every additional 33 000 V or part thereof)


(plus 0.3 m for every additional 33 000 V or part thereof)

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