Tips to secure your home from burglars

Now days, burglary have become a prime concern in our society. Keeping our home secure against these activities is very much essential. Though we always take precautions to avoid such incidences but still we see them happen often in our society.

Here we have summarized some easy protective and defensive measures by adopting which we can improve security of our dream home and keeping ourselves bit relaxed against such unfortunate incidences.

  1. Empty house is a sophisticated target of the burglars. Therefore, try to give appearance as if somebody is in the house even if nobody is present inside.
  2. Provide sufficient lights around your home so that any suspicious movement can be seen and checked easily.
  3. Provide collapsible gate at the entrance so that you can make sure about the person before opening the main door.
  4. Provide iron grill in the windows, ventilators and other similar openings. The design of the grills should be such that the burglars cannot cut it easily by hacksaw or other means.
  5. Provide door viewer in the main door so that you can see the person standing outside.
  6. Fix the door and window hinges from inside of the house, otherwise there will be a chance of intrusion by removing the screws of the hinges.
  7. Provide hidden locks in the main door so that thieves cannot break it.
  8. Provide iron sheet door in the staircase room at roof.
  9. Install home security alarm system like CCTV cameras, motion detectors etc. in your home.

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