10 Simple tips to save water in home

Save water

We all know that water and air are the only reasons for life on this planet. Without fresh water and fresh air we can’t think about life. Therefore we should make sincere efforts to save water.

In India on an average 135 to 150 litres of water is required in cities by a single person for day to day usage like drinking, bathing, cooking etc. The average breakup of consumption of water per person per day is as follows.

Drinking: 5 litres

Cooking: 5 litres

Bathing: 55 litres

Flushing in toilets: 45 litres

Washing clothes: 20 litres

Washing utensils: 10 litres

Cleaning house: 10 litres

Besides the above requirement, it’s shocking and even disappointing to say that half of the required water i.e. 70-75 litres of water per person per day gets wasted due to leakages, mismanagement or misuse by us. This means we use 225 litres of water per person per day including wastage.

Washing hands

Since India gets only 4% of fresh water available worldwide, we should stop misusing it and start good practises so that optimum use of fresh water can be made.

  1. Ensure there is no leakage in water supply connection and installations like pipes, taps, showers, washing machines etc. A single drop leakage may cause 75 litres of wastage in a single day. So if there is any leakage, call the plumber or technician immediately and fix it.
  2. Turn off the tap while brushing or shaving or even washing hands. A tap runs almost 7 litres of water in a minute. So if 5 minutes is required for rinsing, we can save at least 35 litres of water by turning the tap off during rinsing.
  3. Use low flow shower heads for bathing. It will save 40 litres of water per bath.
  4. Use taps with aerator. An aerator adds air during flow of water. This gives a stable stream using less quantity of water.
  5. Don’t wash vegetables and fruits under running tap. Instead wash them in a bowl filled with water.
  6. Defrost frozen foods in refrigerator not in water.
  7. Wash full loads of clothes in washing machine. During washing, always use economy mode. This will not only save water but also save electricity.
  8. Similarly load dishwasher to its full capacity so that water can be used upto its optimum level.
  9. Water purifiers throw away hard waters as waste. Use this waste water for gardening purposes. This will save 20 litres of water per day. Also water your plants in the morning. Because in afternoon or evening some quantity of water may get evaporated.
  10. Use buckets for washing two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Though it may take time while cleaning but it will also save hundreds of litres of water.

The above simple tips are easy to adopt and it will save at least 200 litres of water per day. In addition to these tips, we should also install rain water harvesting system in our home.

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