10 simple ways to save electricity

Save electricity

Soaring electricity bills have now become a part of our life. To curtail it we read so many articles and listen discussions on electricity saving. But the easiest method to save electricity consumption is taking care while using electrical equipments or appliances and changing our habits. Believe it or not but it’s true. Our habits and a little care can save our pocket a lot.

Here we have listed 10 simple ways which will help you to save electricity and curtail down the heavy electricity bills.

  1. Switch off unnecessary lights, fans, TV, music system and other electrical equipments when no one is using them. Ask family members to look out for and switch off such wastages.
  2. Switch off those electrical equipments which consume more electricity such as ACs, desert coolers and room heaters when not needed. Using them even an hour less everyday will result in valuable amount of power saving. For example, an AC switched off for an hour can light up a tubelight for 50 hours. So think how much you can save on electricity bills in a month.
  3. Cut down frequent uses of mixies and washing machines. Use them only when you have sufficient workloads.
  4. Replace bulbs with tubelights. You will get 5 times more life span and 5 times more light for the same amount of power consumed. You can also use LED lights which are more energy efficient. Also read LED Lights – an alternative to conventional lights.
  5. Electronic chokes for tubelights and electronic regulators for fan can save another 10% each on power.
  6. Go for dimmer switches in your drawing room. You can adjust lighting as per need and save power.
  7. Look for ISI mark when buying plugs, sockets, electrical fittings and appliances. You will not only save on power but also on repair cost.
  8. Set an example by starting “Save Electricity” habit yourself. That way other family members will soon adopt this habit.
  9. Set aside one day in the month for thorough cleaning of all lights, fans, fixtures and appliances. You will get more light and service.
  10. Check your entire house wiring for leaks and crack. Good wiring not only ensures your family’s safety, but saves power too.

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