5 awesome ways to jazz up your home

Light designs

Your home decor is an extension of your style statement. Getting those interiors right is no trick game, from choosing between a white ceilings to adding a mural wall art, whether choosing between a sofa set and two comfy chairs to deciding the metal for kitchen finish. Trends come and go, sometimes bohemian chic is cool and other time shades of gray are preferred, but your house is yours, so add every flavor that exemplifies your persona. We’ve rounded up a few couture home ideas that will add plush to your home.

Stripped Walls: Having block paints or textures is now passé. Experimenting with walls can be a great change to your room. You can try adding prints, and even wallpapers are making a comeback. But what stands out is strips. Blue-white stripes have come from the runaway to homes, adding a glint of modern taste. Even pinks-orange, pastel rainbows and other continuums are making the interior scene exciting.

Striped Walls

Image source: Stripedcatstudio

Statement Chairs: Beautiful and coordinated sofa sets, or a chair matching your color scheme is good. Good however isn’t great. Great is the juxtaposition offered by a big retro patchwork chair in a small plain room or a Z chair in your living area across your sofa. Instead of looking at a chair as furniture, make it your statement décor of the room. Experiment with vintage looks, big-fat-chairs, throne like chairs or even a couch with a contrast colour.

Statement chairs

Image source: timorousbeasties

Brighten Lighten: Every room has lights – why not make most of the obvious. Each room can be spruced up with a dash of experimentation with lighting. Reveal your true sense of design by using a variety of lights, combination of ceiling lights, side boards, tiny flash bulbs and lamps. An interesting change can be using colour bulbs in bedrooms, since there is no reading or writing.  A light tone that compliments the room colour scheme is a great way to spruce your look. Interesting lamp shades can be used to add character in the room.

Brighten Lighten

Image source: Pexels.com

Design Drama: Going all block on patterns is easy, but it leaves the room bland. Adding textures, prints and geometrics will leave a long-lasting tone for the room. From quirky pillows, patterned curtains to African or Asian curated furniture, design gives a boho feel to an otherwise drape look. 3D wall art and contemporary vibrant wallcoverings are making a gateway in interior. Although tough to place, a fashionable home is never without features. ‘Un’design is also a great contradiction to a loud pattern, and mixing both elements in one room will do great talking.

Design Drama

Image source: www.amouve.com

Go Green: Not only the hues of green look soothing in your home, an organic dash can elevate the room’s nature. Starting with houseplants, to flowers in vases and even organic upholstery such as organic quilts and bedcovers add aesthetic to the room. Try bringing simple hanging plants, grass mattresses, pure cotton drapes and give the home a tinge of nature’s warmth.

Go green

Image source: Pexels.com

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