5 Basic rules of Designing

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Designing is the first and crucial step of planning of home. Though it is always advised to take the services of a certified Architect or Engineer, who will take care of all the rules of designing, but we should also know about them. After practical experience of years, we have summarized below the 5 basic rules, which should be followed while designing the home.

  1. Convenience and comfort of the residents should be the first priority during designing.
  2. The structure should be stable, strong and capable to withstand the likely adverse effects of natural agencies.
  3. Elevation should be simple but attractive. Too many porches may give good elevation for some time, but simple designs fit better for generations.
  4. As far as possible sizes of rooms should be kept large. Larger rooms can be shortened by providing movable partitions but smaller rooms cannot be enlarged easily.
  5. Provisions for future extensions without dismantling should be made.

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