5 Easy ways to decorate your house with lighting


Imagine your house without the lights in it. I bet it doesn’t exactly look nice. Lighting is one key feature of any home that can completely change the ambience of it. Lights in our house do more than just providing us with light. They set up the ambience of the house and make it look the way it does. We all might not be satisfied with the lighting in our homes. There is always room for improvement and there are easy ways with which you can improve the lighting in your house.

Rope Chandelier:

Rope Chandelier

This is as simple as it sounds. You can easily do it at home as well if you are a craft fan or get it done otherwise. This rope chandelier is done by wrapping rope dipped in glue around a balloon. When it dries up, you can burst the balloon and you get a round hollow ball. Add a light bulb to this hollow structure and make as many as you want to. You can make it as big as you want and hang it on your front door or in your garden. It is perfect for giving that rustic feel to your house. There are varieties of chandelier which can be taken into account. Your house will like home with this chandelier.

Multiple Lighting:

Multiple lighting

Sometimes, just one fixture is not enough. You might want to put a huge chandelier in the centre of your living room but try to avoid that. Rather, add lighting fixtures around the room in some proper fashion which makes sure that the light is distributed across the room. Consider hanging more than one fixture but nothing over the top. It looks simple and elegant too. Also, check furniture coupons available for various stores and purchase light fixtures along with furniture at discounted prices.

LED Lighting:

LED lighting

Another way to add simple effects to the furniture around your house is to add LED lights on their back. This is the simplest way out of all to give that oomph factor to your house. You can have any colour of light you want. It can be your bedroom, living room or even kitchen. All you need is some LED lights that also come in strip form these days, which can be pasted onto the wall. Just plug in and see the magic it creates. It will be like all your furniture has some aura. Your house will look elegant and mystic with this kind of lighting. The benefit of using such kind of lighting is that it is very flexible, you can literally add them anywhere you want to. This is the reason they are the favourite kind of lighting for any designer and are being used a lot these days.

Hanging Lights:

Hanging lighting

Designers these days are experimenting a lot with hanging lights. hanging lights are the best kind of lighting solution available at the moment. gone are the days of Edison bulbs and ugly ceiling lights. Now is the time to add hanging lights to your home. You can add them to your favourite corner and make it come alive or you can add them to the sides of your bed. A hanging lights definitely looks more sophisticated than a lamp kept on the side. It will add to the industrial look that is and ongoing trend today and make your home look more elegant. You can even take different hanging lights and create a good back for your bed. Similar can be done to your living room as well.

Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights

Adding fairy lights is a very ongoing trend these days. people are experimenting a lot with them. you can hang them from the ceiling or on the back of your bed. You can even put them in a glass jar and make hanging lights or lamps using them. The benefit is that you have a lot of colour options and the lights are very versatile and can be used in various ways. If you have a four-poster bed then they can even be hung around it and will give a mystic feel to your bedroom. Living room can also be accessorized with the help of these lights and you can jazz it up as you want.

Lighting can be simple and over the top, depending on the kind of ambience you want to create. It’s all very simple to do and you can execute all of these techniques without much effort.

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