5 reasons why you should hire an Architect?

Hire Architect

Whenever there comes planning of construction of home, not only we but everybody suggests hiring an Architect. But most of the people say that, when they can chalk out a plan by themselves or with the help of a local Mistri or Labour contractor and can decide the structural details like details of foundation, beams, slabs etc., then what is the use of hiring an Architect. But it’s not right. An Architect is a well qualified person who has studied the subject matter and knows the technical know-how better than any common man or Mistri or Labour contractor. To clear this we have listed here 5 reasons why you should hire an Architect.

 1. Expert in the subject:

An Architect knows the technical aspect of a structure better than any other person. He can prepare building plan using the spaces effectively so that every space of the plot is utilised at its optimum level. He can design the structure more strong and cost effective, which will save your hard earned money. Also you may get accurate estimate of the materials which will be required during construction. He may guide you, when and how to execute each and every activity involved in the construction so that you can build your dream home without taking any pain.

2. Knowledge of rules and regulations:

An Architect knows the rules and regulations of the town and country planning department of the city and local civic authorities. This will help you in getting the building plan approved smoothly. Generally people ignore these things and construct their home without taking necessary permissions. Sometimes this becomes a headache, as the civic authorities impose heavy penalties with the deadline to modify the structure as per the laid down rules and regulations within a specified period.

3. Help in hiring contractor:

An Architect may help you in finding and hiring a Contractor, because being in the same field they know about the credentials of all the contractors working in that area. This will not only save your money but also reduce your stress.

4. Selection of material:

An Architect may help you in purchasing and identifying the right material from the right vendor and genuine rate. This will also directly affect your pocket by saving a handsome amount.

5. Effective execution:

An Architect may help you during execution like giving layout of foundation, checking rod binding of foundation, slab, beam, staircase etc. This will ensure you that your structure is being constructed in correct technical way.

Therefore, hiring an Architect is not wastage of money, instead it’s a better way to save your pocket being robbed. So whenever you plan to build your dream home, don’t forget to hire an Architect.

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  1. I appreciate your tip on how an architect can help you when you need to hire contractors. It seems that hiring a contractor to help you build your would be stressful and having someone to help you with that would probably help a lot. My wife and I want to construct a new home so maybe we should look into hiring an architect to help us with that.

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