7 Ideas to decorate your balcony

Balcony decoration

A balcony is that part of a house where people get relaxed while having a sip of tea or coffee in the morning or evening. In balcony people read news paper or books in their leisure hours. So the balcony also needs to be improved by decoration to give it an elegant view. To decorate your balcony, you may implement the following ideas.

decorate your balcony

1) Try wooden furniture like table and chairs of simple designs. Use small table of round or square shape. Prefer multipurpose furniture to save space. Keep the area clear for easy movement.

small furniture

2) If you have ample space in balcony then put an easy chair to make the balcony a bit cozy. Here can enjoy reading books and magazines or have a short nap. You can also keep pillows and rugs to increase the coziness.

3) Put a small shelf on the wall to keep candles, books and other small decorative items.

4) Hang one or more wind chimes of same or different designs depending upon your preference. As per feng shui, wind chimes improve positive energy of the area.

wind chimes

5) Place indoor plants like Golden pothos popularly known as Money plant, English ivy, Peace lily etc. Use hanging pots or designer pots of square or round shape for these plants. Adding greenery, improves the freshness of the balcony.

balcony plants

6) Use small ceiling lights or lamps to light up the balcony and give an elegant look to your balcony. You can also decorate with strings of small LED bulbs of different colours. Use of LED lights not only saves energy but also saves your money too.

7) Use wood look tiles for floor of balcony. Though you can also do wooden flooring but it is costly to maintain as they are likely to develop scratches, cracks, dents etc. Not only floors you can also use wood look tiles for walls. This will stand out the balcony from whole house.

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  1. Great ideas to decorate balcony. I also want to decorate my balcony because balcony is the party of house and in relax mood i enjoy the tea with family in family.Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

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