8 Best Tips for Garden Decoration

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Have you ever stepped into your garden and thought ‘I could do more with this space.’ Well, why not do something about it? Decorating a garden doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming affair, in fact, you can easily make considerable changes with a minimalist budget!

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So, here are 8 ways that you can decorate your garden to make it beautiful and a wonderful place to spend your time:

1) Take Inspiration from Your Home’s Decor

The garden space is an extension of your home, so why shouldn’t the way you decorate the two have a cohesive look? A continued aesthetic can be a great way to stop a jarring effect as soon as you step out of your home and into the garden, instead, the two spaces will be able to complement each other in a better way.

2) Lighting

A dull garden that becomes dark as soon as the sun fades is bound to be abandoned. Instead, you need a space that remains bright and lit no matter the time of day so that your entertainment isn’t disturbed by the lack of light in your garden space.

Try string fairy lights across the space for a magical effect, guaranteed to make your space feel like it is straight from the books of your favourite fairy tale.

3) Build a BBQ

Forget having to buy a new grill every year, after leaving it to the elements and finding that it rusts terribly. That should officially be a thing of the past. A well-built brick barbecue can be the perfect addition to any serious cook’s garden.

Obviously, this takes a little more effort and know-how than the store-bought alternative. But it will last much longer overall, whilst also giving you a dedicated space for your entertaining and food making needs.

4) Create a Pond

Do you like the idea of a pet, but hate the regular upkeep? A garden pond can be a great solution for the pet-weary of the world. As you will be able to fill it with fish that need limited care, simply feeding on a regular basis, and make for a beautiful addition to your garden space as well.

5) Plant Bright Colour

Of course, what is a garden without a beautiful display of flowers? Quite a lonely display in all honesty. The plants that you use in a space can really bring an added splash of colour, as well as a sense of freshness when the aroma starts to really spread during the summer.

6) Choose Comfortable Seating

Seating can make or break your garden space. You need seating which is both practical, comfortable and can be easily stored when the bad weather becomes a problem. Try wicker conservatory furniture or an equivalent, as not only do they have a natural aesthetic but they are extremely comfortable.

To get the most out of a space, you need to want to sit there and comfort is a big part of this! So, remember to not scrimp out on this all-important element.

7) Custom Signs

To make the space truly feel like ‘yours’ the use of a custom sign could be the perfect solution. The ‘Smith Family’ sign may be a little cheesy, but then who cares? It can make the space feel extra special and a place for you and your loved ones to truly enjoy.

8) Trellis Archway

Do you want to add a true statement piece to your garden area? A trellis archway is certainly the way to do this. Both functional and pleasing to the eye, this is a great focal point for pictures in your garden space for years to come. Especially if you cultivate a number of climbing plants along the arches of the trellis.

With a butterfly fluttering by on the wind, this would be a picture-perfect spot that will make your garden a scene from a fairy tale.

And there you have it! Some of the best tips for how you can decorate your garden to make it perfect for your needs; no matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall! A garden is a commodity that should be used round the year, so make sure you can do just that!

Bio: Zack Halliwell is an interior design writer who works closely with brands such as Desser & Co to give people actionable, practical, advice which can make your home as beautiful as possible.

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