8 Things to be avoided in front of home

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We plan and construct our home keeping principles of vastu in mind, as it affects health and prosperity of the family. In continuation to these principles there are certain things which should be avoided in front of home. These things are listed below.

  1. Never plant any horny plant in front of the house. It not only increases number of your enemies but also increases clash within family and affects their health.
  2. Waste and dirty water should never be allowed to accumulate in front of the house.
  3. As per vastu, stones or pebbles should not be there in front of the house as it slows down the progress in life and also creates hurdles.
  4. Never place dust bin in front of your house. This affects health of the whole family.
  5. Electric pole in front of the house is not recommended as per vastu as it creates hurdles in life.
  6. Big and shady trees should not be planted in the front.
  7. Creeper plants like money plant should also be avoided in front of the house.
  8. The plinth of the house should always be higher from the front road otherwise there will be health issues to the whole family specially the female members of the family.

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