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Anti-termite treatment is the process of creating a chemical barrier for saving the structure from invasion of subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are most destructive and mainly responsible for damages in house. They build their colonies very silently and cause damage to papers, cloths, stationery, wooden doors, wooden windows and other wooden articles. Subterranean termites form colonies underground in the soil, near ground level in a stump or in other suitable piece of timber. Therefore anti-termite treatment should essentially be done from very first stage of construction. Anti-termite treatment is done with BIS approved chemicals mixed in water in correct proportion and applied in specified dosage as per the specification (IS 6313 (part II) 1981).

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment:

This involves treatment at various stages of construction from foundation to floor. The method of treatment at pre-construction stage is as follows:

anti-termite treatment pre-const

  1. First of all, the site where the house is to be constructed is cleaned off of stumps, roots, logs and waste woods.
  2. If any termite mounds are detected within the plinth area of the house, the same should be destroyed by the use of termiticide solution.
  3. Now the chemical-water emulsion is uniformly sprayed on ground over the entire plinth area of house.
  4. Then the chemical emulsion is sprayed on foundation trenches of columns and plinth beams at bottom and sides upto 300mm height.
  5. The backfill earth which is directly in contact with foundation and plinth walls is also treated with the chemical emulsion upto a depth of 450mm and width of 300mm.
  6. Before flooring, the consolidated earth within the plinth walls is again treated with the chemical emulsion.
  7. The treatment by the chemical emulsion varies from 5–7 litres/sqm.

Post-construction anti-termite treatment:

If you have forgotten to do anti-termite treatment during pre-construction stage, then there is no need to worry much. Anti-termite treatment can also be done at later stage. At post-construction stage, following method of treatment is adopted.

Anti-Termite Treatment post-const

  1. If there is loose soil in contact with the plinth walls, 500mm deep trench is dug all around the house exposing the wall surface and chemical emulsion is sprayed over the entire trench.
  2. If there is concrete or masonry apron around the plinth walls, then holes are drilled in the plinth wall at an interval of 150mm and chemical emulsion is injected in the holes so that it can reach the soil.

During anti-termite treatment following care should be taken.

  1. The treatment should be done by a specialised agency. It should preferably be a member of Indian Pest Control Association and has sufficient years of experience.
  2. The chemical emulsion should not be allowed to contaminate wells or springs and other sources of drinking water.

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