Best DIY ideas to decorate your Living Room

DIY ideas to decorate

The living room is the place where you spend most of your free time when you are at home and also the place where you usually receive the guests. It’s natural that you want the room where you receive the guest to look nice, but it is also very important that you feel pleasant while you’re in it since this is where you will spend most of your time awake.

The decoration of the living room and furniture can sometimes be very time consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t necessary have to be that way. You can try and decorate your living room by using anything you have laying around and a bit of paint, rope, and screws.

Here are some ideas what you can do for very little or no money at all.


  1. Make shelves out of wooden crates

Wooden crates can be bought at any hardware or craft store if you don’t have some at home already and they are really cheap. Just paint the crates any way you want or line them with nice looking decorative paper and screw them into a wall.

You don’t have to put them symmetrically on the wall. Be creative. Or you can glue old picture frames on the crates to create framed shadow shelves. And there you go… a nice looking custom bookshelf. If you don’t want to make holes in your wall, you can just put some crates together and make the standing bookshelf. 

wooden crates

  1. Clipboards

Clipboards are very useful for artists, but they can also be used as a rotating display of your art. All you need to do is hang a bunch of clipboards on the wall and now you can change the art you want to display every day, or depending on your mood.


  1. Display your favorite photos

You don’t need fancy and expensive frames to display your photos. All you need are some wire, some pins, and some binder clips. Put the pins on the wall and stretch the wire between them. Your display is ready, all you have to do now is hand the photos from the wire with binder clips.


  1. Make a nice and stylish bar

If you have an old suitcase that you don’t use anymore, don’t throw it away. Take a TV stand, paint it black and secure the suitcase to it. That is basically it. You made a nice looking bar. You can use screws to secure the suitcase to the table or you can simply just glue it, that’s up to you.


  1. Make a fancy hanging shelf

To do this, you’re going to need one wooden board, some rope, two hanging hooks, some paint, and drill. First of all, drill two holes on each end of the board. After you finish that, take a brush and paint the board any color you like.

After the paint dries put the rope through the holes and tie knots underneath. Tie the two ends of the rope together on the other side. Make sure that your ropes are all the same length. The next thing you need to do is to drill two holes in your wall for the hanging hooks. It’s recommendable that you use wall plugs too.

After you put the hooks on the wall, all you have to do is hang your shelf. The best thing about this kind of shelf is that you can adjust the height by adjusting the two top knots.

Hanging Shelf


  1. Make a hanging garden

Make a hanging garden for your house plants by drilling two holes in the side of clay or ceramic pot. Just be careful when drilling because clay and ceramic tend to break. After you’ve made the holes, use some rope to hang the pots and place the plants in them.


  1. Marble a vase or old candle holder

You can marble your vases or candle holders to give them fancy new look by using some water and nail polish. You’ll need a container big enough to submerge entire vase or candle holder. Fill the container with water and drop the nail polish in.

You can make the patterns with the polish in the water if you like, or you can let it take on a natural form. Don’t wait too long now, put the object you want to marble into the nail polish-water mixture. When you take it out, place it carefully somewhere to dry.

You can mix different colors of nail polish if you want, but be fast. In this case, it’s best to put all the colors at the same time into the water.


  1. Make a custom wall lamp

This is very simple and you can make anything you like. All you need is some harder cardboard and Christmas lights. Take a cardboard and cut any shape you want. You can cut out the batman logo or a heart or even the world map if you are up to it. When you create the shape you want, paint the outer side any color you want.

After the paint is dry, take the Christmas lights and tape them on the backside of your cardboard logo near the edge. Now you just need to hang it on the wall and enjoy your custom wall lamp. 

Wall Lamp

  1. Hat Lamps

If you have old hats that you don’t need any more, make a nice chandelier out of them. It’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is make a hole on top of the hat for cable to go through, and then put the cable through it and install the socket for the light bulb on the inside of the hat.

Hat Lamp

You might want to line it with some heat-resistant material or use the light bulbs that don’t produce that much heat.

As you can see, it is not that hard to decorate your living room with little or no money at all spent. It just takes some time, effort, and creativity. These ideas are not the only things you can do, and you don’t have to do everything as we said. Use these ideas for inspiration and give a bit of your own personal touch.

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