Which is best Marble flooring or Tile flooring?

Today there are lots of options available for flooring. But only Marble flooring and Tile flooring are the popular choice of people especially in India. Those who tend for beauty and elegance choose Marble flooring and those who want cheap and variable options of colour and design choose Tile flooring. Bothe the materials have their own pros and cons. Here we will discuss some of them so that you can choose which one is better for you.

Marble Floors: Marble floors are the choice since ancient times due to its classy and elegant looks. Even one of the seven wonders of world, Taj Mahal is made up of marble.

Marble Flooring


  1. It gives rich and gorgeous look to the house.
  2. It’s very hard and durable.
  3. It doesn’t break or chip off quickly.
  4. After years of usage, you can get its shine back by polishing it once again.


  1. It’s very expensive as compared to Tile floors.
  2. The laying cost is also high.
  3. It’s laying needs expert masons for proper cutting and arranging the grains to give a regular pattern to the floor.
  4. The maintenance cost is high.
  5. It reacts even with dilute acids.

Tile Floors: Tile floors are the latest trend. They are available in plenty of colours and shades.

Tile Floor


  1. It’s cheap and affordable than Marble floors.
  2. Laying cost is not so high and doesn’t need expertise for laying.
  3. Variety of sizes, colours and shades are available.
  4. Anti slip tiles are available in market for kitchen and bathrooms.


  1. It tends to break or chip off easily as compared to Marble floors. Though nowadays scratch resistant tiles are also available in market.
  2. After years of usage tile floors lose their colour and glaze.
  3. Though repair cost is affordable but finding tile of same colour and shade in future is almost impossible.

From the above comparison we find that though Marble floors are durable and give rich feel but they are not affordable whereas Tile floors are affordable as well as its available variety makes it everyone’s choice.

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