Birla White Wall Care Putty – Product Review

Birla White

Putty has been widely used in walls before painting. We have already read about its benefits and procedure of application. There are lots of brands available in the market. Among them Birla White Wall Care Putty is most reliable and widely used brand. It is available in two variants – Wall Care Putty and Wall Levelling Putty MF (Matt Finish). Wall Levelling Putty MF (Matt Finish) is used as first coat where the surface has major undulations.

Birla White Wall Care Putty


  1. Its better adhesiveness property binds strongly with the wall plaster even on the damped surface.
  2. Its application reduces the consumption of paint considerably.
  3. It contains extra HP Polymers which has great water resistant property and keeps the moisture away from the painted surface.
  4. It has zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), which is good from the health point of view.
  5. It doesn’t need curing after application.

The above features make Birla White Wall Care Putty the top performer among other available brands.

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