Buying Tips for Electric Switches

Electric Switches

Electric switches not only light up your home but also enhance aesthetic appearance of the home. Therefore choosing a right switch becomes more essential so as to make your home electrically shock proof and also beautify the walls of the room.

Type of switch: First of all, you have to decide which type of switches you want to buy —conventional or modular. Since conventional switches have become obsolete now days and rarely they are used in new constructions, therefore you should choose modular switches only. Also the switch which you are purchasing should be ISI marked, as ISI mark is the symbol of quality.

Material: Switches made of fine quality polycarbonates (one type of thermoplastic polymers) such as FR grade polycarbonates, should be the first choice to buy. These switches are not only dust proof but also have high melting point and flame resistance properties.

Spark shield: Modular switches should have spark shield inside them to conceal high sparking and avoiding any damage or short circuiting due to leakage of current.

Dust-shield: Provision of a dust shield prevents entry of dust inside the switches and helps them retain their new look for years together.

Insulation: The insulation resistance of modular switches should be more than 2000 Mega Ohms. Such switches are shock proof.

Design and colour: Now comes the design part. Modular switches are manufactured in different shapes, sizes and designs by different companies. So it solely depends upon your choice and preferences. You can look for the ones that look pleasing and have smooth and straight design. Similarly, choose those colour which suits your mood as well as colour of the walls of the room. You may choose white colour as white switches and plates never go out of fashion.

Ease of use: A good switch should not make any noise while turning it on or off and also less effort should be required to press it on or off. Such switches are called to have ergonomic design.

Replacement: Different companies offer different period of replacement guarantee on their products. You should look for maximum period of replacement opportunity of switches like life time guarantee but that should be the last criteria.

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