Buying Tips for Marble

Marble Flooring

Marble is a crystalline carbonate of lime or limestone formed by the metamorphic action. Marble is considered as one of the expensive stones, which is used mostly for flooring. Besides this, it is also used for ornamental works. It is found in various colours ranging from white to black. But white coloured marble is mostly used in the households. Below we have listed some tips to guide you while buying marble for your dream home.

Marble Flooring

  1. Marble stones are very strong and durable stones. Therefore before buying, check whether the stone is strong enough or not. It should not chip off from surface if struck by any hard object.
  2. It should produce ringing sound on striking with a hard object.
  3. The thickness of the marble slab should be 20 mm or more and uniform all around. Non-uniform thickness may require more quantity of mortar while laying otherwise voids may be formed below the stone where the thickness is less causing damage to the floor in future.
  4. A stain free marble is always desirable but it costs more. Generally some stains are found on the marble stone. Therefore, while buying, density of stains should be checked and the price should be suitably adjusted. If the stains are more, price should be relatively less.
  5. Before buying, inspect each and every slab personally for any cracks, cuts, holes, spots etc.
  6. The price of marble stone increases with its size. The bigger the size, the more is its price.
  7. If you are buying coloured marble, then check whether it is not coloured artificially. For this you can rub a piece of cloth soaked in kerosene oil or petrol over the stone. If the stone has been coloured from outside, then the colour will come off on the cloth.

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  1. I didn’t realize that marble was supposed to be considered really durable. This makes me really want marble flooring in my dream home. That way pets and dropping things can ruin it as quickly.

  2. This week I want to get some new flooring in my home. My number one option at the moment is marble. In your fourth tip, you mentioned there is stain free marble. I have three little ones at home, so this could be beneficial.

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