Buying Tips for Plywood

Best Plywood

These days woods have been replaced by Plywoods by almost 90%. There are plenty of different grades of Plywoods available in market. Therefore it becomes very confusing when we go to buy them. Here we have listed some checks which may help while selection.

Best Plywood

  1. Plywood is composed of layers of plies, which sometimes posses pin size gaps between them. These gaps are known as Core gaps. A good plywood should have minimum core gaps even no core gaps. For finding these core gaps look at the side of the plywood panel in its length and breadth.
  2. The surface of the Plywood should be smooth and even. Any undulation on either side of Plywood surface should be avoided. Similarly there should be no variation in its thickness.
  3. The plies glued with each other should run parallel and straight. If there is overlapping of plies then it should be avoided.
  4. A strong plywood should have good nail holding capacity. This means that if a nail is hammered into the plywood, it should not split or crack.
  5. Prefer to buy Plywood of a reputed brand as they make Plywood as per the ISI norms. Also while buying look for the seven digit CM/L numbers mentioned on it. CM/L numbers represent the licence of the brand for different grades of Plywood.
  6. Buy BWP/Marine Plywood for furniture which will be exposed to water or moisture like furniture in Kitchen or washing area. For furniture of rest of the places buy BWR grade Plywood.
  7. Compare the weight of Plywood. Higher the weight, better the quality.

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