Colour washing

Colour washing is nothing but a white wash to which some colouring pigment has been added to obtain desired shade of the finished colour wash. Colour wash is applied to the surface in the same manner as white wash.

Following facts should be remembered in regard to colour wash:

  • Colour wash should be prepared at a stretch which would be sufficient for full day’s work.
  • Prior to the application of the colour wash on new surfaces, a coat of white wash should be applied. This white wash coat acts as a primary coat.
  • In case of old surface, a coat of colour wash should be applied over the patches of repair works before two or more coat of colour wash are applied on the entire surface.
  • Colour wash should be kept continuously stirred during use.
  • Finishing surface should exhibit uniform colour and lustre.
  • A good colour wash does not give out powder when rubbed with the fingers.

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