Comparison between Plastic Water Tanks and Concrete Water Tanks

Water tanks

Water is the basic need of every human being. We get water either directly from the ground or from the municipality. Water is required for doing almost all things, whether it is for drinking, bathing, cooking food, washing clothes and utensils etc. Therefore we need water for almost 24 hours. Here comes the need for storage of water for which we use overhead water tanks. There are mainly four types of overhead water tanks available in the market, Plastic tanks, Steel tanks, Fibre glass tanks and Concrete tanks. Among the available four water tanks, Plastic water tanks and Concrete water tanks are used widely in residential areas. Both the water tanks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we have compared some of them so that one can decide before opting for any one of the water tanks.

Water tanks

Plastic Water Tanks Concrete Water Tanks
Plastic Water Tanks are light weight as they are made of Polyethylene. Concrete Water Tanks are heavy and strong as they are made of reinforced concrete.
They can be transported anywhere and upto any height. They can’t be transported. They are constructed at the same location.
Installation of Plastic tanks is easier than Concrete tanks. Skilled persons are required for construction and making it waterproof.
Plastic Tanks are cheaper as compared to any other tanks. Concrete Tanks are costlier, almost thrice that of Plastic tanks.
They are less prone to leakage. Leakage may become a major problem, if not constructed carefully.
Cleaning of Plastic Tanks is quite easy. Cleaning of Concrete Tanks is comparatively tough.
Plastic Water Tanks need less maintenance but comparatively don’t last for several years. Maintenance cost of Concrete Water Tanks is higher. But if maintenance is done regularly then it may last longer than Plastic tanks.
In summer, water becomes hot quickly. Water stays cool as compared to that in Plastic tanks.
They are available in Cylindrical and Cuboid shape only with fixed capacity. They can be constructed in any shape and capacity depending upon the requirement and availability of space.

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