Creating a Functional Bathroom with Bathroom Furniture and Accessories

Bathroom accessories

While it is essential that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing, functionality is of the upmost importance. From bathroom furniture to lighting, we’ve put together our top tips to making your bathroom as functional as it is fashionable. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the crucial design elements that can help you to create a practical bathroom.

Superior Storage

Ensuring your bathroom has sufficient storage is without a doubt one of the most important factors, especially if space is scarce. Including compact bathroom furniture in your bathroom design will ensure that you have a place for all of your bathroom essentials from towels to toiletries and this will in turn help to keep clutter at bay. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to storing your belongings in bathroom cabinets. Incorporate shower shelving to free up some much needed space in your bathroom cabinets and contemplate built in wall alcoves to house stacks of towels. Vertical storage is a superb way to save space in your bathroom and storage ladders are a popular way of storing towels and toiletries and are also a cost effective option.

 Multiple Lighting Sources

A fully functional bathroom must be well lit and it goes without saying that lighting is an essential aspect of functional bathroom design especially if the room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light. Dimmable down lighting is a great choice for the bathroom as it gives you an abundance of light when you need it with the ability to create a tranquil atmosphere in the evenings when you want to relax after a hard day. Consider task lighting that will illuminate the areas that you use the most for example the bathroom mirror and the shower. Because you use the bathroom for a number of things, your lighting solutions must be flexible to cater for your varied requirements.

Pretty and Practical Pedestal Sinks

When choosing the different elements that make up a functional bathroom, it is wise to choose compact, streamlined designs that take up the least amount of space. This way your bathroom will appear spacious without compromising on functionality and style. A pedestal sink is a superb option for smaller bathrooms as it boasts a tall slim design that allows you take advantage of every inch. Similarly, wall mounted sinks and toilets offer the same space saving qualities.

 Less is More

 When it comes to bathroom design, less is more. A functional bathroom should be spacious enough for you to move around while ensuring it has everything you need to get ready for the day. Bathrooms are often one of smallest rooms in the house and therefore it makes sense to be selective when choosing how to fill the space. Only opt for a bath and a shower if your space is on the larger side of the spectrum. Cramming both of these features into an already cramped space will do you no favours.

Remember that a functional bathroom needs to reflects your needs so it is important to choose elements that will grow with you. Follow our top tips to create a functional space that is both stylish and relaxing.

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  1. As like kitchen renovation bathroom remodeling is also important. And for this you should check the flooring material, bathroom accessories. Check that there should be spaces for storage. Lightning is the essential part and you should use LED light, check for the bathroom mirror and shower. Another important point is check for the sink. You should do regular maintenance so that your bathroom and furniture accessories function properly.

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