Designing a fire resistant house

Fire in house

Today in big cities it is tried to construct more and more houses and other structures on the limited available space. To accommodate more and more people in less and less restricted area, constructions are done multi-storeyed. This leads to concentration of large population in a very small area which in turn cause so many problems of traffic, sanitation, drainage, health etc. In such a thickly populated area if fire outbreak occurs in one house or building it may engulf many adjacent houses or buildings and loss due it may become enormous.

The object of making a house fire resistant is to protect life, goods and activities within the house. Life is most precious which must be protected at all costs. In case of fire outbreak, damage is bound to occur, both to goods lying inside the house and to the house itself. Therefore designing a fire resistant house has become a key aspect for Architects. That is why we recommend hiring Architects for construction of your dream home. In fact it is not possible to make a house fully fire proof. But we can plan and design the structure in such a way that it can avoid or limit any fire outbreak. The houses which have been treated against fire cause less damage.

Following points are considered while planning and designing a fire resistant house or building:

 1) Selective use of construction materials:

While construction, preference should be given to the use of such materials which are bad conductors of heat and have all the fire resisting qualities. Brick, cement concrete, glass etc. is very good fire resisting material.

 2) Protection of openings:

In order to limit the spread of fire all the openings such as doors and windows should be suitably protected. The outer openings should be fitted with double fire proof doors. Remaining openings may be fitted with single fire proof doors. Fire proof windows consist of 6mm thick reinforced glass panels fixed in steel frame. There should be no through vertical opening in a multi-floored building. A through opening behaves as a chimney and induces draught and thus helps in spread of fire to the other floors.

 3) Means of escape:

An alternate way to exit the house should be provided so that in case of fire outbreak if the main exit is obstructed, then people can escape from the alternate one. In case of single storied building beside of escape doors, windows may also be provided to act as escape openings. In case of multi-storeyed buildings, means of escape are provide either by stairs or lifts and hence their location in the building should be wisely decided.

 4) Provision of fire fighting equipment:

Sufficient number of sand buckets and portable fire extinguishers should be kept in the house. All the members of the house should be well counselled about any such occurrence so that they don’t get panic during any fire outbreak.

So suitable plan and design of a house can limit the fire outbreak up to an extent. Further we can also avoid any such mishap by adopting some small habits and avoiding silly mistakes. Read our article on Fire Safety Precautions

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