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After you have got your plan approved, fixed the contractor and ready to start the construction of your dream home, you have to fix the arrangement of water which will be required in large quantity during and after the construction process. If there is Municipal water supply available in your locality, then you should apply for it and get it arranged or otherwise you have to arrange for it yourself either by taking from the neighbours or dig an Open well or Borewell in your own land. It is preferable that you should have your own water supply arrangement as because after completion of construction for living purpose also you will require a permanent water supply arrangement.

Now a days, no body prefers Open well, instead Borewell is dug for getting water supply as because Open well requires large area and the quality of water is not so good as compared to that of a Borewell.

Site selection of Borewell:

Before digging, you should enquire in your surrounding area about the depth of nearby borewells, and rate of success of digging a new borewell in that area. Also you can engage a Water Diviner for conducting survey for the suitable point of digging. Water Diviners can easily found in your locality.

However as per Vastu, the source of water i.e. Borewell should be dug in the North East.

Suitable time of digging:

Though in every season you can dig a borewell, but it is always advised to dig in the summer season, as in summer season the levels of water lowers down to its minimum level, which will give you a clear picture of minimum depth to be achieved.

Get permission from Government Authorities:

In some states before digging a borewell, permission is required from the local Municipal or Water Supply or other Government authorities. If such is the case, then you should get the permission before you finalise a contractor for digging. Also in absence of a legal permission you may attract a heavy penalty and imprisonment too.

Get quotes from Borewell Companies:

Now when the site for digging is finalised you will require a Borewell company who will get the job done. For this firstly search in your local area, get recommendations from your neighbours and local people and also your friends. Once you shortlist 2 or 3 Borewell companies, ask them to give their quotations. Generally charges for drilling a specified size of borewell include

  • Drilling cost per feet
  • Cost of casing pipe per feet
  • Cost of drilling and installation charge for casing pipe per feet
  • Flushing charges per hour for flushing the borewell after drilling
  • Season of digging
  • Transportation charges of the rig to the site from nearest town per km.

After you get the quotations, compare them on the above parameters. Also ensure whatever rates they have quoted it is final and there will be no changes in future.

Digging Borewell and its method:

Now you have the permission for digging (if required) and also finalised the Borewell company. For domestic purpose, 4.5 inches to 6 inches borewell is dug. Depending upon the soil strata of the area, the method of digging is decided. Though commonly used digging methods are

  • Water Jetting – Shallow bores in alluvial strata
  • Augur Drilling – Shallow bores in alluvial strata
  • Calyx Drilling – Shallow borewells in both hard rock and alluvial strata
  • Percussion Drilling – Deep bores in bouldery strata
  • Rotary Drilling – Most common method used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial strata
  • Down the Hole Hammering Drilling – Most common method for drilling large and deep borewells in hard rock strata.

Measurement of depth:

There are various methods of measuring the depth of a borewell but the  most commonly used method is measuring the depth by a string. In this method a string longer than the depth of the borewell is taken and a piece of wood is tied on one end. Now the wood piece alongwith the string is lowered into the bore hole till the wood piece reaches the water level which is felt as the wood piece touches the water level its starts floating and the tension in the string due to weight of wood piece disappears. Now mark the point on the string and take out the whole string and measure it by the measuring tape.

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  1. My husband and I recently bought a new house and he was really interested in seeing if we could get a borewell, so I wanted to look up more information. I didn’t know that in some states we have to get permission to start digging a borewell! We will definitely make sure that we get permission if we do so! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Water Divining is a traditionally accepted around India and we can even in the world, tested method. I have been observing water divining for more than a 25years and the Success rate has been around 80%. This is purely my observation.
    Only an experienced water diviner can pin point the exact location around 20 to 50fts from the right spot will result is wastage of efforts and money. Even very deep digging will not be of any use. An expert can track the underground water veins. The ideal drilling spot should be two/three such water flow lines intersect.

    This can be done by using dowsing rod, coconut, “Y” shaped stick,
    Chains, etc. I have seen people use all these methods. Find an expert at your place and/or take local people feedback or drilling vehicle people feedback.
    See if he is able to identify the intersecting point. The Divining should be
    visible to you too. End of the day all this are our luck as well. I believe,
    every one believe on luck.

  3. Adding to General charges

    1. Additional change, If you need to pump water to digging well to avoid the dust
    2. Casing Pipe Joining Charges and it Collars

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