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It is essential to prepare detailed plan showing the drainage system of the proposed house. Also it should be got approved or sanctioned from the competent authorities. In absence of a detailed drainage plan, it may lead to an unhealthy situation during disposal of sewerage of the house. Generally Architects take care of this while designing the house. But here we have tried to provide you some details about this for your awareness. While planning the drainage system the following points should be taken care.

  1. The site plan of the house should be drawn to a convenient scale and position of gully traps should be marked on it. The site plan should be drawn preferably at a scale of 1:1000.
  2. The longitudinal section of proposed sewer line should be drawn to a scale of 1:100. Size of drain pipes should be at least 100mm preferably 150mm.
  3. The longitudinal section should show distances, ground levels, invert levels, depth of cutting, size of chambers and manholes, size and gradient of pipes.
  4. The position of public or municipal sewer should be clearly shown on the site plan. It is advisable to join the house drain at a manhole on public sewer line.
  5. Detailed plans of different floors of the house should show the positions of floor traps, sanitary fittings etc.
  6. House drains should be laid as per details on the approved drainage plan of the house.
  7. House drains should be tested for water tightness and trenches should be lastly filled up.

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