Evolving Trends in the Decorative Vases

Wood vases

The decor of your house is an extension of your personality. Not only do they express your personality but they also communicate your style. There are various options available for you to chooses from, be it lights, showpiece, artefacts or decorative pots and vases. With the availability of all the decor items online and offline it has become very convenient to shop for them.  One of the most evolved and emerged decor item has been vases. Their journey from a modest glass utensil used for housing flowers to now a glamorous designer vases which are centerpieces in itself. Not only have their designed progressed but the material used in the same have also seen a huge shift. Listed below are some of the material which is being used in manufacturing of the glamorous and stylish vases.


Glass Vases:

One of the most used material in the manufacturing of decor items. It is one of the most versatile materials can be moulded or coloured as per the need. Glass vases has been in the list of interior decor items from years now. But what has developed over the period of time is the techniques used for making glass vases. Velvet finish glass vases, glitter decorate vases, printed vases, and matte finishes ones. They are available in various sizes from the small ones to the large life sized ones. Glass is definitely a very elegant and stylish material to be used, but the biggest downside is the fragility of the material. Glass is prone to breaking and shattering, so one has to be very careful while using it.


Wood Vases:

The material which is the main constitute of internal decoration item is wood. So, why would vases be left behind? Nowadays, it is very common to find vases made out of wood. Not only they add a warmth through their colour but also, they tie the whole interior theme together. They are very durable and thus, have a long life which makes them an ideal pick for any household. Also along with different colour tones to offer they also can be texturized or carved to add beauty to the finished product.


Metal Vases:

The most durable material which can use for manufacturing of any product would be metal. You can choose from the variety of metals for example nickel, copper, brass, silver or iron. These metals provide a very rustic and vintage look at the same time. With different metals giving you different colour options. With the incorporation of textures like hammering and etched they bring a new dimension the living space.


The choice available today for decorative pots and vases are immense. The material and designs are impeccable which makes a huge collection for the buyers to choose from.

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