Factors affecting selection of floor

Before selecting flooring material for home, following factors should be carefully considered:

  1. The flooring material should give pleasing appearance. It should provide colour effect in conformity with the use of the rooms.
  2. The flooring material should be hard, strong, durable and capable of resist all the wear and tear to which likely to be subjected to.
  3. No noise should be produced by the floor when in use.
  4. The flooring material should be cost effective.
  5. It should be fire resistant and damp-proof.
  6. Floor should be easily and effectively cleanable.
  7. Floor should not be too much slippery. It may prove dangerous for children and old aged people.
  8. Maintenance of floor should be easy and cheap.
  9. Floor should be smooth and as far as possible thermally insulated.

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