Give your bedroom a difference


Bedroom is the place where people get relaxed at the end of the day. So a well decorated bedroom eases the mood makes you stress free. Here we have listed out some tips adopting which you can decorate your bedroom easily and keep yourself relaxed at night.

  1. Don’t give your bedroom a theme, because very soon it feels like old and outdated. Instead that you can use decorative items and keep their places changing at a regular interval of time.
  2. Paint your bedroom which suits your mood and preferences. Suitable colours helps you feeling relaxed and stress free. However, you may prefer light colour instead of dark ones especially when your bedroom is not enough big.
  3. Keep minimum numbers of furniture, otherwise it will make the room crowded. Keep only those furniture which are essential in the bedroom like Dressing table, Bedside Tables, Chest of drawers etc.
  4. Prefer beds having inbuilt storage arrangements to store extra bedding. This will save space.
  5. If your bed room has enough space then place the bed in the center of the room keeping only one side (head side) near the wall and remaining three sides free for roaming. It will give elegant look to the bed room. Otherwise try to place it in such position that at least two sides (including leg side) should have free space.
  6. If the height of the room allows, then provide false ceiling with simple designs made up of Plaster of Paris.
  7. Use carpets to make room sophisticated. If it is not possible to provide carpet in the entire room then use it at least near the bed.
  8. Use decorative LED lights to light up room and also curtail electricity bills.

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