How to give your old Kitchen an update?

An outdated kitchen scores a big negative mark for any home. It will be a pain in the back if you ever try to sell the house. It’s time for an update if it appears to be belonged to a fixer-upper from decades ago or the fixtures used there look out of trend in these modern days.

Renovate Dining room

The current décor style for kitchens emphasizes on functional designs, sleek appliances, hidden storage systems, and creative use of colors. Let’s see how you can bring them into your dated place.

Get new hardware

Buying a new cabinetry is not a wallet-friendly option. So, the easiest way to brush up the look is to update all the metal hardware. Choose the shades of copper or gold for the drawer pulls, handles, and the faucets if the background color is neutral. You can also go for the same finish for the lighting frames, range hoods, and other metal fixtures. Sometimes, people fall for unorthodox, fun hardware that comes in the shape of spoons, bells, forks, etc.  Resist the temptation because they only look good but get old very fast.

Renovate Kitchen Hardware

Show creativity with the paint colors

Modern kitchen decoration does not encourage the mindless use of bright or deep colors. While citrus, orange, or lemon yellow are very popular and are used to create a fun, cheerful atmosphere, soft the hues are also useful in creating an impact. The trick lies in how creative you are in the use of colors.

Choose a soft green or blue color for your cabinets and stretch it to the island or one or two more furniture pieces. Keep the rest of the palette in white or cream so that the two colors look contrasting and complementing at the same time. Such a makeover will transform your dingy cabinets into new. Nonetheless, if the doors seem too distressed that even a paintwork cannot fix, remove them completely and paint the inside parts. It will also allow displaying your bowls and dishes.

Change the lighting fixtures

Lighting is an essential element of a room, and it can totally transform the atmosphere. The age-old lights are enough to ruin the mood of a place. Replace the dated fixtures with sleek, modern pendants with colorful shades. If the ceiling is low, use low-hung overheads for ambient illumination and pot lights for lighting up a specific work space.

There are many retail shops that sell inexpensive but beautiful light fixtures. If you want to emphasize on the aesthetic, use track lighting or a cluster of small pendants at various heights.

Change Lighting fixtures

Add Textures

A mix-and-match style is the best way to bring layers of textures into a place. You can create an interesting look without being too loud. Insert a subtle textured look by bringing together a cream or white cabinetry with steel appliances. Complete the setup with dark-finished wooden flooring and deep-colored leather chairs. All these things will create a beautiful contrast to each other without screaming or attention.

Another way of adding textural element is to install wainscoting panels. The architectural fixture will add visual depth and spruce up the ambiance with a fresh look. A plus point is you can add wainscoting anywhere– on the side of the cabinets, on the walls, or around the island.If you are looking for home interior ideas, let Model-Home Makeover be of assistance.

Hang window treatments

A kitchen should have abundant natural light, but that does not mean that you have to leave the windows bare. New drapes or blinds can really uplift a place and make it look fresh. However, think careful before deciding on an option for the window above the sink. It should be something that you can pull up easily when doing the dishes or washing cooking ingredients. A Roman shade is likely to be the best option for this job.

There are numerous ways to update your old kitchen, and you don’t even need to invest in a huge remodel to get a modern look. If a complete overhaul is not in the cards, these ideas will be perfect for upgrading the cooking place and transform it into your dream kitchen.

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