How to keep your home cool in summer?

Keep home cool

Summer, the toughest season to survive. Excess heat squeezes out water from inside of your body making it uncomfortable to live even inside the house also. High electricity bills due to prolonged use of ACs, increase your monthly house budget. But some simple changes and care can save you from the anger of the sun and also a lot of money, keeping your home cool naturally.

  1. Plant shady trees around your home to block the sun rays falling directly on the walls. Plant the tress on the west side of the house as in the west direction the sun rays is very hot as compared to the east direction.
  2. Keep all the windows, ventilators and other openings closed in day time so that sun rays could not enter the house and heat the rooms. In the evening, as the sun sets and temperature lows down open them.
  3. Use reflective films on windows. It will reflect the heat outside keeping the house cool.
  4. Use ceiling fan at a comfortable speed. This will create cool breeze in the room.
  5. Paint your roof with light colours preferably white, as the light colours don’t absorb heat.
  6. Use cotton bed sheets and pillow covers. This will make you feel cool while sleeping.
  7. If you are using an old refrigerator then change it with a new energy efficient refrigerator. Old refrigerators emit lot of heat making the house warm.
  8. If you are using incandescent lights, then switch to CFLs or LEDs, as because incandescent lights generate more heat in comparison to the other two.

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