How to make most of your small master bedroom

Decorate small bedroom

As time passes by, we tend to get new stuff, and most of the times it doesn’t actually mean we’re getting rid of the old stuff, and things just accumulate. So, if space is a problem in the master bedroom of your house or apartment, here’s a list full of ideas on how to make most of your small master bedroom.

Decorate small bedroom

The bed

Designers already had your problems, or at least they saw them, and they came up with a solution while making things more interesting. You can get a bed that has built-in storage features, and that is an ultimate solution. Make your spaces feel organized without losing your style. If you have one of those things which you think it’s time is over, you may think again. You don’t know, it may become a useful stuff, such as the bed, as storage furniture now. The dead space below can make a good place for books, boxes or even shoes. Seize every empty space and get the most out of it.


If you need shelves for your things, then floating shelves may be what you’re looking for. They come in all sizes and shapes, and they just connect to your wall so you don’t have to lose space from the floor. Another option is if you don’t have a separate room, you can place a room divider that works as a shelf. So now it’s your job to store nice looking things in there and make it look stylish and cooler. Some shelves also come with a hang-in system, and if you put a nail in a wall, attach its string to it and your hanging shelf in now a functional place to keep your stuff.

Space tricks

This one is more of an illusion than a solution, but it still works. Trick your eyes with mirrors in your walls and your room will feel bigger. The only thing here’s that if your room duplicates, your mess duplicates, so stay tidy. Art also works to trick the eyes away from the lack of space. You can hang art in your empty walls and distract the design away from the rest. You can try with paintings, pictures or posters, and the bigger they are, the better they work. Also, if you have portraits, you can pile them up against a wall so that you can only see part of them. This effect produces an interesting feeling to your eyes, and harmony is kept.

Working or studying

If your place to work or study is in your bedroom, getting a floating desk is a great option. It’s just the table, without any legs, and it attaches to the wall. And there’s something called a phantom chair, which is a transparent chair, invisible to your eyes when looking for design failures. So whenever you are not using the chair, you just store it below the desk and maybe you can use it to hang a coat before going out.

Folding out your bed is a new thing (again)

Maybe someone old you know has one of this, but now it is a new thing again. Why? Because the designs have been renewed. Nowadays you can get a modern looking Murphy bed that comes out of a frame in the wall. Saves you space and gives you style.


This is the hardest part, and not because it requires hard work, but because you have to work along with your imagination before seeing real results. There are two options when working with colors for your bedroom. The first one is a simpler one, and it totally works. The trick? Everything has to be white. Believe me, if you’re trying to make the bedroom look bigger, if everything is white, you’ll make it. Again, this one is not real, if you measure the place it is still the same, but for the eyes it’s a total pleasure. White plains your sight and relaxes you, it’s science. The second option is a thinker, but since we’re working on how to make most of your small master bedroom, we need to learn about palettes. If you’re choosing to work with a color palette, you have to stick to it; so don’t break the rules you are going to create your own. If you do break it, it won’t work. So, how to create a palette? Choose your favorite color. Let’s take red, for example. Now you need a second color, let’s say black. In this system, white is your savior, because you are allowed to use it as much as you need. White gives you relief, and tolerance. In fact, white should be the color you use the most, but since we’re using colors, let’s put some red covers, black pillows and some red ribbons to strengthen the palette. Now, you have found harmony and design using your favorite colors.

These are few of the most important advices which can make most of your small master bedroom.

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