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Details of Staircase

In our article Learn to know about an ideal Stair, we discussed how we can construct a good stair. But during designing and construction of staircase we encounter some technical terms related to the staircase about which we don’t know anything. Therefore we have listed such important terms which are the parts of a staircase.

Staircase details


1) Step: It is a combination of Tread and Riser.

2) Riser: The vertical member of the step is known as Riser. It is used to support and connect the successive treads.

3) Rise: The vertical height between two consecutive treads is known as Rise.

4) Tread: The upper horizontal portion of the step over which foot is placed during ascending or descending a stair way, is known as Tread.

5) Nosing: It is the projecting part of the tread beyond the face of the riser. Nosing is usually rounded to give good aesthetic effect to the treads and make staircase convenient and easy to use.

6) Going: The horizontal distance between without the faces of two consecutive risers is known as Going of the step.

7) Flight: A continuous series of step without any break between landings or landing and flooring is known as Flight.

8) Landing: A horizontal platform between two successive flights of a stair is called Landing. Landing is used as resting place during use of the stair. It facilitates change of direction of the flight.

9) Head room: The vertical height between the tread of one flight and the ceiling of the over head construction is known as Head room. Head room should be sufficient so as not to cause any difficulty to the persons using the stair. Head room is also known as head way.

10) Hand rail: It is inclined rail provided at the convenient height over Balustrades. Inclination of the rail is parallel to the slope of the stair. It serves as a guard rail and provides assistance to the users of the stair. Hand rails can be moulded in so many architectural forms.

11) Baluster: It is an individual vertical member made of timber, metal or masonry and fixed between String and Hand rail. To give support to the hand rail.

12) Balustrade: Framework made from series of Balusters and Hand rail is known as Balustrade. It is also known as Barrister.

13) Soffit: Under surface of the stair is known as Soffit. It is either finished with plaster or covered with ceiling.

14) Scotia: It is sort of additional moulding provided under the nosing or tread to beautify the step in elevation.

15) Newel post: It is a vertical timber or metal post provided at the head, foot or at point where balustrade changes its direction, it is also used for supporting the hand rail.

16) Waist: The thickness of the R.C.C. slab over which steps rest is known as Waist.

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