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Window glass

We find use of glass at various points in our day to day life. In construction field, we use it in window panes, mirrors, furniture, exteriors etc. Besides these, glasses are also used in other fields of engineering, whether it be automobile engineering or electrical engineering.

There are various types of glasses used in different engineering fields. Few of them are listed below:

 1) Crown glass:

It is the cheapest quality of glass, used for window panes of small sizes, bottles, electric bulbs etc.

2) Sheet glass:

For all general engineering purposes Sheet glass is used. It is manufactured in thickness of 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5 and 6.5 mm. Glass for window panes of size up to 30 x 30 cm should not be less than 2 mm thick and 3 mm thick for size bigger than 30 x 30 cm window panes.

3) Plate glass:

It is stronger than sheet glass and also more transparent. It is manufactured in sheets varying from 3 to 30 mm. It is used for large size glass panes (generally size more than 90 x 90 cm) for shop fronts, windscreens of motor cars, looking glasses etc.

4) Wired glass:

In this type of glass, wire netting is embedded in plate glass during rolling. It resists fire better than plate glass. In case of fracture, it does not fall into pieces.

5) Safety glass or Shatter proof glass:

This either toughened variety of glass or reinforced with wire mesh or a combination of two glass sheets between which a layer of transparent celluloid or any other transparent plastic is sandwiched.

6) Glass-crete:

These are small square pieces of glass which are set into steel frames or concrete. These are generally used for lights in basements.

7) Flint glass or Lead glass:

This glass is clear than other type of glasses and takes a finer polish. It is used for art glass, cut glassware, lenses etc.

8) Prexy glass:

This is a proprietary brand of heat resisting glass which is used for making cooking utensils, electric insulators, laboratory apparatus etc.

9) Anti-actinic or Heat excluding glass:

These glasses when used in windows resist heat passing through without affecting normal passage of light. These are commonly used in Railway coaches.

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