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What is Plywood?

Plywood is a wood material made by gluing together a number of thin sheets of woods. These thin sheets of woods are called “Plies”. In comparison to common wood materials, Plywood is more sturdy and durable and hence it is a better alternative of common woods. It shows less warping and shrinkage and is also very cost effective.


Plywood is extensively used in residential and commercial constructions. In homes, Plywood is used for making door and window shutters, false ceiling, cabinets, showcases, modular furniture etc.

Types of Plywood:

Plywood is classified by the wood used for its manufacturing.

1) Hardwood Plywood:

It is made by the plies of teak, gurjan, birch wood etc. It is more hard and durable. It has high shear strength and impact resistance. It is used for heavy duty floors, walls and other structures which require high strength.

2) Softwood Plywood:

It is made by the plies of spruce, pine, fir, cedar, mango wood etc. It is used in roofs, walls, floors, fencing in homes.

 Plywood is also classified by the method of manufacturing.

 A) Medium Density Fibre Core Plywood (MDF):

 It is made by wood dust mixed with high quality glue and compressed with heat. It is very sturdy and stable. It maintains a smooth surface and resists warping. It is very good workable material. It never splinters and holds screws well in their place.

B) Medium and High Density Overlay Plywood (MDO & HDO):

It is normal veneer core plywood wrapped with MDF. As compared to MDF, it is light in weight but more strong and stable.

C) Particle Board Core Plywood (PBC):

It is also made by wood dust but the dust size is coarse than that used for making of MDF. It is light weight as compared to MDF and smooth in finish. It is used for general carpentry works.

D) Veneer Core Plywood (VC):

It is made by alternate layers of common plywood with a surface veneer of a finished wood grain. It is light in weight and easy to work.

E) Lumber Core Plywood:

It is made by the strips of basswood. It is the most expensive and used in the exposed areas.

F) Melamine:

It is a thermally fused, resin saturated paper finish over a particle board core. It is highly stain and abrasion resistant. It is extensively used for carpentry works such as cabinets, modular furniture etc.

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  1. My wife has decided that we need a fence around our new yard to give us some privacy. You mentioned that softwood plywood is used in roofs, walls, floors and fencing in homes. Do most contractors prefer to use plywood for the fences that they build? It appears that finding a contractor to build a plywood fence might be a good idea.

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