It’s all about Primer

During painting works we come across two commonly used words, Primer and Paint. Both are invariably used during painting of any surface whether wooden or metallic or concrete. Generally we don’t differentiate between Primer and Paint as both sound same to us. But actually both are totally different.

Primer is a paint made by synthetic resin mixed in solvent with some additives. It is a preparatory coat applied on the surface before painting. It is essential to apply Primer on the surface as it has various properties which enhance the durability of painted surface.


Need of Primer:

  1. Application of Primer produces smooth finished surface for painting. It fills up all the pores or fine cracks of the surface.
  2. It hides all the stains, molds and imperfections of the surface and hence increases the appearance of the surface after painting.
  3. It acts as a binding layer between paint and the surface. Its adhesive property holds the paint with the surface for long duration.
  4. It makes painting works economical especially for porous surfaces like wooden surfaces. If Paint is applied on any wooden surface without applying Primer, it will absorb the solvent from the Paint resulting in requirement of more paint. Since Primer is cheaper than Paint hence its application on wooden surface reduces the quantity of Paint.

Types of Primer:

  1. Water based Primer: It is used for painting on concrete and masonry surfaces like columns, walls, ceiling etc.
  2. Oil based Primer: It is used for painting on wooden and metallic surfaces like doors, windows, iron grills etc. It is also called Enamel Primer.

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