It’s all about Wall Putty

Wall Putty

Putty or popularly called Wall Putty, is a cement based finishing material which is applied on plastered wall before painting. It is a better alternate of Plaster of Paris (POP) as Putty has water resistance properties while POP is susceptible to access of moisture.

Purpose of applying Wall Putty: There are several reasons for which we apply Putty on walls.

  1. Putty is used to fill up the fine cracks and make a smooth and even surface for painting.
  2. It is applied to prevent access of moisture into walls as it is water resistant.
  3. Putty can also be applied on moist surfaces.
  4. It protects wall by preventing growth of fungi and algae on it.
  5. It doesn’t need to be cured after application.
  6. Putty improves appearance, stability and durability of paints.
  7. It reduces consumption of paint and hence makes painting work economical.

Wall Putty

Process of applying Wall Putty:

  1. First of all the wall surface is thoroughly cleaned to strike out dust, oil or grease and other loose materials. To clean sand paper, wire brush or putty blade is used.
  2. Then a paste of Putty mixed with water is prepared. The paste should be made in such quantity that it can be consumed with 2-3 hours of its preparation.
  3. Before applying this paste, the wall surface is made wet with water. Wet surface provides good bonding and improves workability.
  4. Now the prepared paste is applied on the wet wall with the help of Putty blades. The Putty is applied in two coats and from down to up direction.
  5. After application of first coat, it is left to dry for 3-4 hours. Then second coat of Putty is applied which is left for 10-12 hours for drying.
  6. Now the surface is ready for painting.

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