Keeping pets as per Vastu

Keeping Pets

We all love animals and birds. Some of us keep them as pets at home. It’s a common thing. But have we ever thought that keeping pets at home is whether appropriate or not, specifically from Vastu point of view. Perhaps not. Therefore we have brought this article to make you understand what Vastu Shastra says on keeping animals at home.

As per Vastu Shastra different animals and birds have different vastu effects. Some create positive energy and some add negativity. Here is a list of some animals and birds which are commonly kept at home as pets.


Pet Dog

Dogs are considered as best of friend of humans. Dogs represent protection and loyalty. They brig positive energy and good health for the house inmates. Therefore they can be kept at home. Dog’s kennel should be placed at the entrance of the house.


Pet Cat

As per vastu one should avoid keeping cats as pets at home. Due to the deceitful and cunning nature of cats, Vastu Shashtra discourages the idea of keeping them as it spreads negative energy.


Pet Fish

Fish brings good luck, prosperity and good health to the inmates. Fish creates movement in water which in turn creates positive energy. The aquarium should be kept in north-east direction.


Pet Cow

Cow has a holy place in Hindu religion. It is regarded as “Mother”. Cow is a calm and harmless animal. Hence it has several vastu benefits especially if you keep a cow with its calf. Cow not only removes negative energy but also brings peace and prosperity.


Pet Parrot

Parrots are regarded as lucky as per vastushastra. Parrots should be kept in north direction. Parrots sharpen memory of kids and spread love between inmates.


Pet Pigeon

It is not advisable to keep Pigeons as pets at home. It is said that presence of pigeon brings misfortune and destroys the happiness of home.

But above all, it is also true that keeping any animal as bondage is considered as sin. Bondage pulls down the positivity of house. Hence if you wish to keep any animal or bird as pet, then you should ensure that it stays happy and healthy. Otherwise it is better to keep their paintings, images or statue instead of keeping them alive as a pet.

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