Kota Stone Flooring

Kota stone

Kota stone, as the name says, is found in Kota district of Rajasthan in India. It is extensively used in flooring for pathways, corridors, balconies, parking slots and other internal and external areas. It is one of the most preferred and widely used building stone due to its various features.

Kota stone


  1. It is hard, homogenous and non-porous.
  2. It is non-water absorbent and oil resistant.
  3. It gives aesthetically pleasant look after flooring.
  4. It is found in various colours among which grey colour is most common.
  5. It is also found in different finishes e.g. smooth, rough etc.
  6. It can be easily cut into any shape and size.
  7. It shows inertness towards various chemicals. Hence it is also used for flooring in Chemical industries.
  8. It is the cheapest stone among all other available natural stones.

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  1. Kota stone is always my favorite. I decorated my backyard with Kota stone in the garden and it looks amazing. Yes, it is oil resistant and hard. Thank you for sharing its features.

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