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Stairs connect two floors lying on different levels. So it is also an important part of the house since a bad stair can result in uneasiness to the youngest as well as the oldest member of the house. But still it is neglected during planning and construction of the house by a common man. Everyone gives stress on location and planning of Bed Room, Drawing and Kitchen. But nobody pays attention towards stairs.

Here we have summarised some information about an ideal stair which will give you comfort during ascending or descending.

Location: The staircase should be planned at a place where it should be accessible to all the members of the family. This means it should be easily approachable from all directions of the home.

Width of stair: In home, width of stair should not be less than 900mm. A width of 1000mm to 1200mm is ideal for residential purpose.

Pitch of stair: The inclination of stair should not be less than 25o as it will become too flat which is not desirable. Also the inclination should not exceed 40o, as it will introduce large risers which will be dangerous for the users.

Length of flight: Number of steps in a flight should not be less than 3 and not more than 12. A flight of single step should never be provided.

Landing: The width of landing should be equal to the width of stair.

Risers and Treads: All the risers and treads in a stair should be uniform. Non-uniform risers or treads may lead to accidents. The rise and tread of the steps should be easy and it should neither too small nor too large. A rise of 150mm and tread of 250mm is preferable.

Head room: The clear distance between the tread and soffit of the flight, immediately above it, should not be less than 2.14m.

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