Maintenance & Repair


Sealants and their types

During construction we need to make our home water proof and seal the joints of glass and frame of glazed ...
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Toilet Roof leakage

How to repair leakage in Toilets?

In double storey houses, sometimes we find that the roof of the ground floor toilet is leaking, due to the ...
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Plaster crack

How to repair cracks in the plaster?

Very often we notice hair cracks in the walls. These cracks appear due to cracks occurred either in the brickwork ...
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Cracks in buildings

Cracks in buildings and its reasons

Cracks in buildings are a common occurrence. Cracks can make the whole or a part of the structure unsafe. However, ...
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How to keep your Home free of Termites?

Nowadays Termites are causing serious damages to homes around the world, eating wood and wooden products and articles inside the ...
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