Make your Drawing Room alive

Drawing Room

Drawing room is the only place where the whole family spends time together. Also it is the room where guests and relatives have their reach. So decoration of Drawing Room becomes very important. Here we have summarized some tips which will make your Drawing room alive.

  • Generally Drawing room is the largest room of the house, so there is no matter of preference of colours. You can use colour as per your taste and mood. Though light colours are preferred as they make room feel bigger. Also in light coloured room, the colour of other things like furniture, paintings, antiques etc. gets matched up.
  • Don’t make Drawing room crowded with lots of furniture. Use only that furniture which is required. Fix the numbers of furniture to be used, depending upon the number of the members of house and average numbers of daily guests. This will not only make your Drawing room spacious but also save your money as the costs of furniture are very high in comparison to other decorative articles. You can make a good combination of Sofas and Chairs as per your requirement.
  • Arrange furniture in such a manner that they don’t consume space and look beautiful. For this you can put the Sofas and Chair in U or L shape, close to each other, not in scattered way. Place a Centre Table in the space between the furniture. Place furniture six inches away from the walls.
  • On the corners of U or L shaped arrangement, put home plants like Peace Lily, Areca Palm, Dracaena etc. If you don’t want to use them, then you can also use Aquarium or Table lamps or Vase with artificial flowers. You can also use a mix of them.
  • Throw pillows not only give decent look but also give comfort while sitting. But too many throw pillows should be avoided. Numbers of throw pillows should be decided in accordance to the number of furniture.
  • You can use Carpets under the furniture which will give them rich look.
  • Now a days there is a trend of fixing television on wall. In such case fix the television on the wall just in front of the furniture. The television should be fixed at eye level.
  • If you love paintings or art works then don’t put too many of them on walls. Also don’t hang them on all the walls. Use only 2 or 3 paintings for decoration purpose and hang them on one wall in a stepped manner but not on the wall on which television is fixed. Same size of all the paintings should be preferred as they give a nice look.
  • Don’t use paintings and pictures of war or violence as they throw negativity in the surroundings. Natural sceneries or picture representing happiness should be used.
  • Similar to the television, hang paintings or art works at eye level otherwise you will feel uncomfortable while looking on them.
  • If you love antiques then put all of them at one corner. Large sized antiques should be placed on the floor while small ones should be placed on shelves. Box shaped shelves give beautiful appearance.
  • Use curtains of colour just contrast to the colour of walls. This means if the colour of walls is light, then use dark coloured curtains and vice-versa. Also the length of the curtains should be sufficiently long. Short curtains give awkward look.
  • Small LED lights can be used to light up the whole drawing room. This will not only save your money in terms of electricity bills but also save environment.

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