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Now a days, there is an increasing trend of living in flats or apartments, where generally we find small rooms as compared to own constructed homes. Now you can’t increase the size of the rooms but you can make them look bigger by systematically designing and decorating it. For this we have listed out some innovative ideas for you.

  1. Selection of appropriate colour: When there is a space constraint Curtainsand you
    don’t want to miss any of your decorative items, then you need a strategy. The first part of this strategy is selection of appropriate colours for walls and other accessories. Paint your walls with light colours as it will give a feeling of bigger room. Also light colours easily mix with the colours of other elements of decoration. Choose similar shades of wall carpets and curtains. If you like dark colours then you can use other accessories of your favourite colour.
  2. Use furniture as per space available: Prefer to use three seater sofa instead of general sofa. Prefer to have Almirahs and tables with glass shutters as it will give a feeling of openness. While selecting furniture, prefer furniture having multitasking options. Multitasking furnitureFor example if you want to buy bookshelf, then prefer one having a platform over it for writing purpose. This will save the space required for a writing table. Choose side tables with drawers. Before buying any furniture always keep in mind that how much space it will acquire and how much space will be left for free movement within the room. Now a days there are plenty of multitasking furniture available in the market which take less space in the room like shallow dresser, drop leaf table, modular computer desk etc.
  3. Use space wisely: When there is constraint of space then the spaces available should be used wisely. For example, you can use the space below the staircase by making cupboard or book shelf. Use floating shelves for mementos or decorative pieces. Arrange them to look unique. Place mirror in front of the window so that the sunlight get reflected through it and spread in the whole room. It will give the room a bigger appearance.

So these are few simple and easy to follow steps of decoration which can make your small room look bigger.

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