How to paint new iron works?

Iron Gate

Iron is considered as the most durable and strongest material in comparison to other building materials. That is why we use iron works where security is the prime concern e.g. main gate of the house. Besides main gate, we also use iron works in sheds, staircase railing, backyard doors etc. To maintain the iron works for long period painting its surface is essentially required. To paint the iron surface following procedure may be adopted.

Iron Gate

  1. The surface to be painted should be rubbed with wire brushes to remove any rust or scale from the surface.
  2. The surface should be washed with caustic soda or lime water to remove grease spots if any. Petrol or benzene may also be used for washing the surface.
  3. A priming coat of iron oxide paint of red lead paint should be applied on the cleaned surface. Red lead is considered as the best primer.
  4. Now two or more coats of desired paint are applied over the primed surface with the help of a brush or spray gun. Each coat of paint should be applied only after the earlier coat has dried completely.

Now your beautiful iron work is ready to use.

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