How to paint a new wood work?

Painting wood work

New wood work requires at least four coats of painting. The process of painting may be done in following stages:

  1. Before you start the process, it should be ensured that the wood has been properly seasoned. At the time of painting it should not contain more than 15% of moisture. The surface of the wood work should be perfectly cleaned from dust. All the nail heads, if any, should be punched to a depth of about 3mm from the surface.
  2. After the surface is cleaned, it should be knotted. All the knots should be killed so that resin emitted by the knots may not spoil the paint.
  3. Now apply a priming coat on the prepared surface. Priming coat is applied before the wood work is placed in position.
  4. When the priming coat becomes dry, the surface is stopped. In stopping process all the cracks, loose joints, dents and other defects in the surface are filled with putty. But before applying putty the surface is rubbed properly by pumice stone or glass paper. After the putty becomes dry, the surface is again rubbed.
  5. Now after the priming coat and putty have become dry, the under coatings are applied on the primed surface. The colour of the under coats should be more or less of the same shade as desired of the finished coat. The under coat should be applied carefully so that the resulting film is thin, opaque and does not bear any brush marks. Sometimes under coats are applied for two or three times depending upon the desired finish. Each coat should be applied when the previous coat has dried completely. For superior works each coat is rubbed before applying the next coat. The final appearance and durability of the paint depends very much upon the quality of under coat.
  6. When the under coats are perfectly dry, the finish coat is applied. This coat should be applied very carefully so that the finished surface is free from patches and brush marks. The finish coat should be left to dry completely before starting use of the wood work.

By this way you can paint any new wood work yourself.

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