It’s all about Primer

During painting works we come across two commonly used words, Primer and Paint. Both are invariably used during painting of ...
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Iron Gate

How to paint new iron works?

Iron is considered as the most durable and strongest material in comparison to other building materials. That is why we ...
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Royale Atmos wall

Royale Atmos – paint that purifies air

Asian Paints is India’s one of the leading paint manufacturing company. It manufactures high quality interior and exterior paints. It ...
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Painting wood work

How to paint a new wood work?

New wood work requires at least four coats of painting. The process of painting may be done in following stages: ...
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Painting brush

Buying Tips for Painting Brush

The painting brush should be of bristles and not of horse hair. Bristles can be distinguished by the fact that ...
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Varnished surface

What is Varnish and Varnishing?

Varnish is a solution of some resinous substance in alcohol, oil or turpentine. The process of covering the surfaces with ...
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Construction Guide Logo

Requirement of water in construction of home

Water is the most essential and common material, which is invariably required in all the construction activities. This is why, ...
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Distempering is the widely used method of painting the interior as well as exterior surfaces of the house. It is ...
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Colour washing

Colour washing is nothing but a white wash to which some colouring pigment has been added to obtain desired shade ...
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White washing

Though white washing has become old fashioned but it has not become obsolete. Nowadays Distempers and Oil paints have taken ...
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