A quick guide to decorating your Apartment

Decorate your Apartment

Having an apartment in the heart of the city or in the most accessible area of your town may make your life a lot easier. But, unfortunately, some apartments standing tall in the bustling city which looks so good from outside may not be that good inside its four walls. Don’t worry – we have put together some great but simple home décor ideas you can easily do yourself. You can make your apartment in Calicut look unique and maximize the available space so that it looks roomy as well.

Decorated room

  • Most apartments are rectangular or boxy, so you can soften the look with curvy sofas, round tables, rugs and mats, and choose polka dot or spiral designs.
  • Using glass-topped tables and clear chairs in the kitchen is a great way to make it look chic, and roomy at the same time.
  • Paint your walls in light pastel shades, as it gives an appearance of roominess. Dark colours tend to make a room look smaller.
  • You can hang a mirror opposite a window so that the light coming in is bounced around the room, creating an illusion of larger space. Or, you could place shimmery lamps or light fixtures that will work just as well as a mirror.
  • Have many display pieces but stuck how to show them off best? Why not try floating shelves? You can stagger the shelves to create a unique look. Your walls will be intact – no need of making hollows in them – and these occupy minimal space too.
  • Use colourful garden stools or bamboo stools as bedside tables or temporary coffee tables. They are eco-friendly, lightweight, easy on the pocket, and can be moved from room to room.
  • If you have odd corners, use them as storage, or fix a couple of shelves on the walls, make a door and Voila! You have a walk-in closet!
  • Use a few potted plants to add a touch of green and make your interiors look vibrant and natural.
  • Rather than carpeting the whole floor, try placing area rugs – smaller rugs for specific areas, just covering the dining table and chairs, or the sofas, and so on. Rugs are more colorful, and you will create a distinctive look!

We could go on and on but these tips are adequate to get you started. Don’t hold back – let your imagination and creativity flow, and you can create different looks for your apartment every few months – at minimal effort and cost.

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