Requirement of water in construction of home

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Water is the most essential and common material, which is invariably required in all the construction activities. This is why, before commencement of any construction work, arrangement of source of water is made. Though large amount of water is required during construction work, but still we should know about the requirement of water in different activities. In view of this we have tabulated below water required for the major activities.

Sl. No. Activities Water requirement
1 Brickwork, Masonry, Concrete 175 litres/cu.m.
2 Plastering works 85 litres/sq.m.
3 Pointing works 60 litres/sq.m.
4 White washing, Colour washing, Distempering etc. per coat 3 litres/sq.m.

Besides above, water is also required in other activities like curing, cleaning etc.

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